Advice on Mobile Credit Card Processing Terminals

Merchant Warehouse |

December 7, 2010

These days you will rarely find a company that could not benefit from conducting at least some of their business with mobile credit card processing terminals. Merchants with “in-the-field” sales forces particularly enjoy the convenience of using wireless technology to process their sales transactions. Whether a business is small or large, if it needs to make sales from offsite it can definitely use mobile credit card processing to its advantage.

The world we live in is constantly moving at a fast, even accelerating pace, and most humans are hurrying right along with it. People are looking for easy and painless ways to get their shopping done without the hassles of dealing with department stores and the bustle of tons of people in trying to accomplish the same thing that everyone else is. Business owners should keep in mind that their customers may prefer “the store” to come to them.

B2B Works Better Too

The fact is that mobile credit card terminals make it easier for businesses to deal with other businesses, as well as consumers. Suppliers of all sorts of merchandise can visit their customers and make sales without requiring the buyers to leave their places of business. This is a real advantage in a world that needs to keep working smarter as well as harder.

Merchants will often times get mobile processing equipment confused with wireless terminals. Although they might sound the same, and people may think that they have the same function and purpose, they are two different animals. Wireless terminals function without any strings attached, so to speak. A terminal can be wireless but not mobile, which means that it operates on certain short ranges, as when a merchant is conducting sales from, say, the back lot of their place of business. Mobile credit card processors acquire their transmission ability from cell phone networks that allow a greater range for offsite sales.

Lots of Choices

There are numerous different models to choose from as far as mobile credit card processing terminals go. Many companies manufacture terminals, available for purchase from many different on- and offline sources, which range from high-end to entry-level models that offer less in terms of functionality. Nurit, Verifone, Ingenico and Exadigm all make capable mobile wireless devices. Specialty merchant suppliers, Sams Club and even eBay advertise these units for sale. Prices range from $250-$700 for a quality terminal. There are many that will fulfill the needs of a merchant on the go.

Unlike wired countertop terminals, mobile wireless units do not really include “bare bones” models since total functionality is required. You can’t plug into the printer back at the office, so printers are integrated into these models. They are marvels of small-scale engineering, since the idea is to keep the unit light and easily portable. Keypads for ATM-style PIN entries can be plugged in, as can external power sources. One important reminder if and when you buy a mobile wireless terminal: Get an extra battery pack or two, since you don’t want to run out of power in the middle of a sale in the middle of nowhere.

So, whether you’re a business that operates on a large scale, or a smaller business with needs that are not as demanding, a mobile credit card processor is the way to go if you often have a “ways to go” to make the sale. With mobile processors, merchants not only please their customers with the convenience but also increase their sales by capturing additional business in a proactive manner. Every merchant wants the opportunity to do that!