Advice on Wireless Credit Card Processing Solutions

Merchant Warehouse |

December 7, 2010

The many wireless credit card processing services available today allow businesses to accept and process credit payments on mobile terminals or even through cellular telephones at locations beyond their home operating bases. There are a few types of wireless credit card processing solutions that may be used. Mobile terminals employ short-range or long-range networks to transmit the payment information collected from the credit card’s magnetic stripe during the course of a sales transaction.

Long-range wireless solutions use the same networks that cellular telephone carriers use for transmitting traditional voice and data information. This long-range service is essentially available everywhere that network services abound. Long-range wireless solutions are perfect for businesses that regularly accept payments remotely, such as at trade shows, outdoor shopping centers and similar scenarios.

Short-range wireless devices use the exact same connectivity services that cordless telephones employ. These types of credit card processing terminals can be operational within a radius of a number of hundred feet of the location of its base unit that is connected to a traditional telephone landline. The short-range wireless payment processing solution works well for merchants with limited mobility requirements, such as those who need credit card acceptance capabilities at different locations within their brick-and-mortar premises.

Fast and Easy

There are several important advantages for merchants that use mobile solutions in order to accept credit card payments. One great thing is that mobile credit card processing service allows you to immediately process card payments, especially when you are out of town conducting business. Another great benefit is the overall increased security levels that are attained, since with the use of a wireless credit card terminal, the customers keep their credit card at all times. And since the customer and credit card are both present, you, as the merchant conducting the sales transaction, will typically get the best possible processing rates available.

Wireless processing devices in general are small and lightweight, as they were designed to be portable. Another advantage is that you don’t need a second telephone line and there is no need to rent phone lines at tradeshows, which can save you hundreds of dollars. At the same time, wireless credit card devices increase security. Finally, wireless processing reduces the amount of cash that you and your staff have to handle.

The Down Side

On the other hand, there are a few disadvantages when using mobile processing solutions that are good thing to be aware of. First of all, there is the cost of the wireless terminal. The price of this equipment is generally higher than traditional point-of-sale terminals and can be an important factor in your decision, especially if you’re processing low volumes of sales. Another thing to consider is network connectivity. Often described as the biggest drawback, network connectivity is fortunately being improved constantly. Be sure to check the reliability of the network that your prospective merchant service provider is using in the area that you will be operating in before setting up any wireless merchant account.

Many service providers offer a variety of wireless credit card processing solutions. Included below is information about a few of the top equipment models in use today by merchants everywhere.

The Nurit 8020 Wireless Terminal is the PCI-compliant wireless credit card processing machine that replaces the earlier Nurit 8000 and 8010. It is a complete stand-alone, state-of-the-art, mobile, wireless terminal with built-in thermal receipt printer. This model utilizes the GPRS network, which gives you some of the best coverage of any wireless terminal on the market today. This device often includes a free, web-based transaction manager with which you can view transactions and run reports in real time. They range in price from $650 to $750.

There is also another great wireless terminal called the Way Systems MTT Wireless Terminal. It is roughly the size of a contemporary cellular telephone. Small and lightweight, the Way Systems MTT also uses the GSM/GPRS network, which provides premium coverage. The terminal includes built-in magnetic stripe reader and provides a secure, encrypted, end-to-end mobile platform for they very best payment processing. The unit also includes an external infrared printer. They range in price from $500 to$575.