Merchant Warehouse & Aldelo Integration Revolutionizes Data Security Within the Hospitality Industry

MerchantWARE® Payment Gateway™ solution enhances encryption and cost savings to next generation EDC POS system

Merchant Warehouse, a premier provider of merchant accounts and credit card processing solutions, today announced a new partnership with Aldelo, a leading provider of low cost, feature rich and easy to use restaurant Point Of Sale (POS) software solutions for the hospitality industry. The partnership is designed to effectively help hospitality organizations address the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council’s (PCI SSC) mission to help organizations that process card payments prevent credit card fraud through increased controls around data and its exposure to compromise.

For commercial organizations, data security is not only a corporate mandate, it's the law. Losing sensitive data by way of natural disasters or physical theft can have severe consequences on a company, possibly crippling an entire organization. While there are many different security mechanisms, data encryption is perhaps the most effective in regard to protecting confidential information. The partnership between Merchant Warehouse and Aldelo addresses this timely subject matter, adding additional lines of security to the next generation of Aldelo’s EDC POS system through the full integration with Merchant Warehouse’s secure MerchantWARE® Payment Gateway™, which encrypts credit card data at the point of swipe through the MagTek MSR Card Reader.

Merchant Warehouse’s MerchantWARE solution encrypts the data at the card reader, completely eliminating this threat. With MerchantWARE, merchants never actually store or transmit any unencrypted credit card information. By taking this one simple step, small- and mid-sized merchants will eliminate the sensitive data that five of the 12 most intensive and costly PCI DSS requirements seek to protect.

Data Encryption Offers Merchants and Consumers Peace of Mind

Most corporations implement multiple forms of security as a first line of defense by using hardware solutions such as routers and firewalls. Unfortunately, when attackers find a way to penetrate this first line, data encryption steps up and helps to ensure that information can't be viewed. When a card is swiped through the MagTek MSR Card Reader, that information is immediately encrypted and processed through Merchant Warehouse’s secure server. In effect, the credit card’s track data, highly sought-after information by identity thieves, has been reduced to a jumble of numbers and letters, unidentifiable should that information fall into the wrong hands.

“This partnership will add a level of security to our systems that is unmatched in the payment processing industry,” said Harry Tu, CEO of Aldelo Systems Inc. “The MerchantWARE solution integrates seamlessly with our EDC POS system and will give merchants the benefit of knowing their data and their customers is secure at all times.”

Merchant Warehouse’s secure payment gateway provides merchants and partners with a unique, value-added payment processing solution that leverages familiar, user-friendly interfaces for all types of business needs and environments.