Merchant Warehouse Announces Partnership with ReSource

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September 25, 2013

ReSource POS

POS Software Integration Aims to Give Retailers Flexibility and Deeper Insight Into Customers

BOSTON, MA -- (September 25, 2013) – Merchant Warehouse®, a leading provider of payment technologies and merchant account services, today announced a new partnership with ReSource, Inc. of the Rockies (ReSource), a point of sale (POS) and web-based business-management systems provider. Focused on providing business insights through the POS, ReSource’s integration with Merchant Warehouse’s Genius™ Customer Engagement Platform™ enables merchants to create deeper connections with their customers and make better business decisions in a more efficient manner. 

For the past 20 years, ReSource has delivered POS software and merchant solutions to organizations ranging from asmall businesses to franchise retailers. These solutions essentially serve as the backbone to making impactful decisions by enabling merchants to leverage transactional information to deliver quality customer service and gain powerful business intelligence. 

“Retail merchants need customized solutions that streamline the complex business processes they manage everyday. By integrating with Merchant Warehouse’s Genius platform, we can give our customers the flexibility they need to accept any type of payment and better understand their own customers at the same time,” said Jessica Kubik, Marketing and Sales Director, ReSource. 

Designed to evolve with the market, Genius delivers ultimate flexibility and scalability, while presenting the opportunity to turn a transaction into an interaction with integrated commerce and marketing functionalities. Through Genius, merchants of all sizes can accept any kind of payment, discount or loyalty program through a single transaction from one customer engagement device, without updating hardware. Genius also delivers an omnichannel solution, giving retailers a single, unified view of all payment activity, regardless of where the transaction originated.

"Businesses that can effectively connect with their customers are proving to be particularly successful, encouraging others to invest in new technologies to help deliver a clear distinction for consumers,” said Russell Harty, SVP, Merchant Warehouse. “Deep marketing insights drawn from transactions help merchant-customer relationships flourish. Genius’ omnichannel capabilities carry these connections across all channels, ensuring a high-quality customer experience every time.”

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About ReSource

ReSource is the retail POS and technology source. With more than two decades of award-winning national and international experience, ReSource provides value-based customized software designed to streamline and manage complex, as well as everyday business processes. ReSource’s complete hardware systems are designed to take full advantage of custom software solutions businesses need to get ahead. Outstanding technical support provided by knowledgeable, US-based ReSource employees mean that quality support is always within reach. 

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About Merchant Warehouse

Merchant Warehouse is a leading provider of payment technologies and merchant services. The company’s solutions enable merchants to more effectively connect and engage with their customers regardless of how, where or when they choose to shop. Merchant Warehouse’s flagship technology solution, the Genius™ Customer Engagement Platform™, supports both traditional and new payment types, including mobile commerce, from a single countertop acceptance device.

Merchant Warehouse offers innovative payment solutions that help online and brick-and-mortar retailers, as well as point-of-sale (POS) developers, value-added resellers (VARs) and agents, strategically grow their business. Merchant Warehouse is one of the fastest growing payment technology companies in North America.




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