Announcing the Insight Partnership Program

Merchant Warehouse |

June 20, 2012

Merchant Warehouse

A 100 percent transparent partner residual revenue program that is unmatched by any payment solutions provider in the industry.

Boston, MA – June 20, 2012 – Merchant Warehouse partners with businesses to deliver core payment solutions and ancillary services to merchants worldwide. Value added resellers (VARs), independent software vendors (ISVs) and point-of-sale (POS) developers rely on their respective partnerships with Merchant Warehouse to offer comprehensive payments solutions, complimentary payment services and value-added gift and loyalty reward solutions to their customers and drive incremental revenue for their business. An organization committed to building long-lasting partnerships with its customers built on trust and honesty, Merchant Warehouse is proud to announce the launch of its new Insight Partnership Program.

Insight is the only lifetime residual revenue program that is 100 percent transparent. Unlike industry competitors who claim to offer parallel split programs, Merchant Warehouse bases its revenue split on gross profit after all credit and debit processing related expenses. Insight can deliver up to a 50 percent increase in revenue over competitive residual programs. And, with Insight, partner splits don’t just include the percentage rate, but also fees generated from monthly, transaction and batch fees, among others.

Partnerships are built on more than just revenue. POS developers, VARs and ISVs also have high standards regarding the product and the supporting organization. To support partners, Merchant Warehouse also provides:

  • A comprehensive suite of industry leading payment solutions, including the newly announced Genius™ Customer Engagement Platform™ and a portfolio of additional MerchantWARE® software solutions
  • End-to-end encryption, tokenization and solutions that remove developers and their POS solutions from PA-DSS scope
  • Seamless integration into our web services API, a platform-independent card authorization and settlement solution designed for secure, high-speed payment processing and seamless operations management
  • Unlimited complimentary customer service and technical support from an award-winning merchant experience team
  • Automated monthly payments with detailed individual residual reporting