CB App Express

Go on the road! Complete and submit signed applications from just about anywhere.

CB App Express simplifies the process for acquiring new merchants, making it easier than ever to grow your merchant portfolio. Eliminate the paper and save time by completing the application on your mobile device with an electronic signature from your prospective merchant.

CB App Express provides you with:

  • Easier to complete and more accurate applications
  • Expedited submissions leading to quicker approvals
  • Improved file management; reducing common errors
  • Elimination of paper and faxing; saving significant time and effort


In just a few easy steps, agents and ISOs can sign up merchants from anywhere.

Join our network today and learn how CB App Express will save you time and increase your portfolio of merchant accounts.

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Rules and Restrictions Apply

As an additional commitment to your success and to get you started, we will reimburse the total cost of your tablet if you have 12 applications approved using CB App Express within three months of the first approval. Sign up today!