The Evolution of the Genius™ Customer Engagement Platform™

Chris Wuhrer

April 15, 2014

When we introduced Genius -- in pilot -- in mid-2012, our primary goal was to help small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) grow by enabling new payment acceptance methods and activating programs that would help them both attract new customers and retain existing ones. We also knew that this would help SMBs change the way they were interacting with their customers. We officially released Genius to the marketplace on February 1, 2013, and in just the last 12 months alone, the merchant-customer dynamic has changed significantly. It’s no longer about just completing a transaction at the countertop; it’s now about engagement and delivering a quality experience every time. This is further illustrated as new technology hits the market – we’re seeing customers increasingly demand a seamless...

Bringing Extended Value to the Merchant Countertop

Chris Wuhrer

March 19, 2013

Matt Cicciari, Merchant Warehouse's Director of Product Marketing, discusses the extended value Genius brings to the typical Merchant's countertop in this video entry to the Merchant Warehouse Resource Center.Video TranscriptWith Genius, you're bringing the transaction to the countertop. Tell me a little about the extended value of that experience.Matt Cicciari, Director of Product MarketingWith Genius and the customer engagement devices being on the countertop, it allows the merchant to really focus on the engagement between themselves and their consumers. No longer is it just purely a blank transaction of numbers and dollars. Now they can actually engage, interact, ask questions, get feedback, and part of that is automatically being fed into the systems on the back end for analysis...