Why Privacy Matters

Greg Cohen

May 22, 2014

In the Declaration of Independence, the founding fathers outlined what they saw as inalienable rights to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” Privacy, however, was not mentioned.  In fact, privacy is not guaranteed by the Declaration or the Constitution. It was never established as a right by the documents that brought our nation into being. Instead, privacy has been a moving target that, as a result, means different things to different people. Libertarians, for example, believe that maintaining privacy is fundamental to our liberty and actively advocate for increased privacy in the private and public sectors. Millennials, on the other hand, are famously blasé about sharing private information online (though recent studies contradict this perception). Regardless of your...

The Point-of-Sale (POS) Transaction

Greg Cohen

May 1, 2014

I have spent nearly 20 years in the payments industry and like many of us, when I talk about something I’ve been so involved with I often take certain things for granted. As more and more stakeholders engage in payments and commerce it reminds me that a “back to basics” blurb around a physical point-of-sale transaction is probably in order, especially in lite of the misrepresentations I’ve heard over the past month. What is important to note is that in order for a transaction to be completed, there are a myriad of technologies (and oftentimes stakeholders) that must come together. As the world becomes more complex with the deployment of EMV and other technologies these various stakeholders will need to learn how to transform and morph their business to retain customers.   POS/...

How Fast Food Can Capitalize on Mobile Commerce

Greg Cohen

March 8, 2013

As a savvy consumer, I am drawn to the latest in payment technology. In particular, I like solutions that leverage my smartphone while providing added value during the purchasing process. Recently, I had a great experience with the White Castle® mobile app by Infor Restaurant Systems, so I wanted to summarize the three main reasons why: convenience, choice, and value-added options. Convenience This app is more than just a mobile advertising extension to their corporate website - it is a mobile ordering and payment solution. The app gives the consumer access to the right information, right when they need it. I was able to browse the full menu to decide what would satisfy my craving. Then, I could actually order directly from my smartphone by selecting items and quantities. I could even...

A Day in the Life of a Mobile Consumer

Greg Cohen

December 18, 2012

According to a recent survey, The Harris Poll, I am in the minority in terms of consumer buying behavior. This classification is not because I am a super-frugal person (I am not), but rather because of “how” I choose to spend my money. Huh? Let me clarify: I am part of the “4%”, a group of consumers that pay for everyday items using their smartphone. I know you might be thinking, “But isn’t that just a gimmick with no advantage over traditional payments like cash or credit/debit cards?” Not at all, and to prove my point, let me share a real-world experience that just happened to me this past weekend. I scheduled an early service appointment for my car on Saturday morning to avoid any holiday traffic since the dealership is 40 minutes away. I left the house with my typical itinerary: 1)...