QR vs. NFC: The Beta vs. VHS of Mobile Payments

Jay Rivera

December 17, 2012

In cleaning out one of a number of boxes in my basement (that I haven’t touched in the years since we moved to our house), I ran across, “The Hunt For Red October,” “Days of Thunder,” and “Heat”, all on VHS.  Yes, all of these selections are true to my Y-chromosome nature, but it eventually got me thinking of how I don’t even have a VCR to play these videotapes anymore. Anyone that remembers Fox being on UHF also remembers the decade plus long war that was waged between Beta and VHS.  Released in 1975 by Sony, many audio and videophiles judged Betamax (Beta) to be the superior format in regards to quality. However, VHS, released by JVC in 1976, ultimately won out. There are many reasons up for debate, even today, as to why VHS won the videotape format war. VHS...