Windows XP: What Its Sunset Means for Merchants and POS?

Markiyan Malko

March 6, 2014

Microsoft’s extended support of Windows XP, the operating system originally launched in August 2001, is coming to an end. Effective April 8th, Microsoft will no longer provide technical support or issue security patches for Windows XP. While the vast majority of Windows users are currently using Windows 7, Windows XP still represents approximately 29 percent of the market. The sunset of Windows XP could present major challenges as there are still a large number business owners and retailers using Windows XP to power their business and/or their point-of-sale (POS) system. In addition to the lack of technical support from Microsoft, there are also indications that merchants who do not immediately update their system(s) will be in violation of current PCI (Payment Card Industry...

Putting Security First – Tips for Merchants to Protect Data

Markiyan Malko

May 29, 2013

Regardless of the size of your business, you are susceptible to fraud and data breaches and responsible to protect your customers’ data while complying with PCI DSS (PCI Council Data Security Standards). While many business owners feel that their business is too small to be breached, according to Visa's estimates, some 95 percent of credit card data breaches occur with small business customers. And, in 2012, the retail industry made up 45 percent of data breach investigations - the highest percentage in history and a 15 percent increase over 2011. In the Fall of 2012, Merchant Warehouse partnered with ControlScan, the industry’s leading provider of PCI compliance and security solutions for small merchants and the businesses that serve them, on a merchant survey. Nearly half (50 percent)...

Mobile Payments: How Consumers Get the ISIS Wallet

Markiyan Malko

December 7, 2012

With every new technology comes a wave of early adopters. You know the people; these are the ones who are the first to buy a new gadget or those willing to wait in line overnight for the latest Apple® product release, regardless of whether or not they need it. And, there is a group for every technology, including those who have been waiting patiently for the release of the ISIS mobile wallet. After originally announcing the joint venture in November 2010 (ISIS is a joint venture of AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon), ISIS was officially launched in two U.S. markets in October. Currently, those wanting to use the ISIS mobile wallet regularly are inherently limited to the launch cities, which are Salt Lake City, Utah and Austin, Texas. If a consumer is in those markets, the process is fairly...

Inside Apple® Passbook®

Markiyan Malko

October 2, 2012

While many anticipated the launch of iOS6, available for the vast majority of the company’s iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod touch® models, to coincide with the announcement of NFC in the new iPhone, Apple turned heads with no NFC and no entry into mobile payments. The launch of Apple’s new iOS6, home to Passbook, however did mark the company’s entry point into the digital wallet space. What is Passbook? Leveraging existing mobile platform features, including geolocation services, Passbook serves as a convenient single-location digital wallet for travel and entertainment tickets, coupons, and loyalty and gift cards, and automatically offers ‘top of presence’ accessibility based on time and physical location. Positioned as a convenience tool for consumers, Passbook presents enormous value to...

Inside PCI Compliance – What You Need to Know

Markiyan Malko

September 12, 2012

The compliance standards for the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, or PCI DSS, are a set of rules that any merchant, bank, financial institution or any other entity that transmits, processes or stores sensitive cardholder data must follow. PCI DSS compliance standards apply to all debit and credit card transactions, including point-of-sale transactions and eCommerce transactions. Prepaid cards bearing the logo of one of the major credit card brands are also considered payment cards. Any business or individual who wants to accept payment cards must comply with PCI security standards, regardless of how few transactions are processed.  The Payment Card Industry Standards Council is the organization responsible for defining PCI DSS. The council is not an agency of the...

We're happy to teach competitors, like PayJunction, the difference between PCI and PA-DSS

Markiyan Malko

June 8, 2011

An interesting email came across my desk this morning from one of our good partners that is being targeted by a company called PayJunction. It is always interesting to read an email from a competitor of ours that is misinformed about PCI and PA-DSS or elects to mislead customers. Lets start with: "I understand you currently integrate with Merchant Warehouse, however, we can offer something they can not. We have a solution that will allow you to retain integrated credit card processing... while totally taking you out of the scope of PCI." Couple issues with this statement. First, Merchant Warehouse has had this type of solution for two years, it's called MerchantWARE Transport. Not only did we have it first, we have three different options to accommodate our partners whether they are...

Google Wallet is here! Do we care?

Markiyan Malko

May 27, 2011

When you want to look up a restaurant or dry cleaner in your area most people just “Google” it. Well, if all goes according to what we’re hearing, you may be able to pay for your dinner and freshly pressed trousers by just “Googling” them as well. Google announced Google Wallet yesterday with great fanfare.  The Google Wallet will use the Android smartphones that have NFC technology built in.  This new ‘wallet’ will let customers store multiple payment and gift cards as well as participate in Google Offers, which will drive targeted coupons and ads to customers based on their transaction history. Both New York and San Francisco will trial the Google Wallet this summer with more cities slated to follow and an anticipated launch date of September 1 later this year. We think...

Gold, silver or bronze for Salt Lake City ISIS trial?

Markiyan Malko

April 14, 2011

“And the ISIS trial city for mobile payments is awarded to (drum roll, please)….Salt Lake City.”This isn’t the first time Salt Lake City has been the centerpiece of extravagant proportions. The 2002 Winter Olympics were held there nine years ago (that was a Yogi Berra-ism, for anyone playing along).This time around, however, the city will be more heavily scrutinized, as ISIS, a joint venture of three U.S. wireless carriers, has chosen it to test mobile wallet technology. This technology, if successful, could become the de facto way consumers pay for everything from their morning joe to their high-def television.Simply put, in the future you will have a chip in your smartphone that when waved in front of a reader will allow you to pay for merchandise.How simple is...

What's next for payments?

Markiyan Malko

April 13, 2011

Recently I attended the Alternative Payment Systems Innovations Summit in hopes of finding what the next big thing in payments was and came away with more questions than answers. Heading into the summit, all I heard for the past couple months was about NFC and how it will absolutely revolutionize the payments landscape and, not surprisingly, it was talked about a good amount.Although there was some positive talk about NFC (mainly by solution providers who have NFC solutions), the rest of the exhibitors and attendees were lukewarm on the concept. Mainly, the big box retailers like Wal-Mart, 7-Eleven and Macy’s were all very reserved on NFC if it’s main value and function is payments. Contrary to popular belief, swiping a credit card on a terminal is really not that...

Hello TransPort.Mobile | Goodbye PA-DSS

Markiyan Malko

March 22, 2011

We are proud to announce a new product offering today that helps merchants and POS developers who utilize mobile solutions become PCI compliant and avoid PA-DSS headaches.TransPort.Mobile is a hosted payment page specifically designed for mobile displays that offloads the card processing functionality from mobile applications and Websites and keeps them out of scope for PA-DSS.There is a huge need for a security solution for mobile applications as at this time the PCI SSC is refusing to PA-DSS validate mobile applications due to security concerns. You can read their official position on mobile solutions here.Who needs TransPort.Mobile?Mobile application developers that need to accept credit card payments in their application.POS developers that need to extend the functionality of...