Bringing Extended Value to the Merchant Countertop

Chris Wuhrer |

March 19, 2013

Merchant Countertop

Matt Cicciari, Merchant Warehouse's Director of Product Marketing, discusses the extended value Genius brings to the typical Merchant's countertop in this video entry to the Merchant Warehouse Resource Center.

Video Transcript

With Genius, you're bringing the transaction to the countertop. Tell me a little about the extended value of that experience.

Matt Cicciari, Director of Product Marketing

With Genius and the customer engagement devices being on the countertop, it allows the merchant to really focus on the engagement between themselves and their consumers. No longer is it just purely a blank transaction of numbers and dollars. Now they can actually engage, interact, ask questions, get feedback, and part of that is automatically being fed into the systems on the back end for analysis later.

So the merchant is able to engage and get the friendly, opportunistic type of information to make customers feel like that's where they're welcome and that's where they want to be, and on the back end they're getting the data to validate it.