Client Services Representative

Job Title:  Client Services Representative
Department: Client Services
Direct Manager: Client Services Team Leader
Manages Others (If Yes, # of employees): No

Position Overview:

This position is in place to provide the Merchant Warehouse customer community with a centralized point of contact for responsive and timely front-line support.

Position Description:

  • Provide personalized customer service of the highest level to uphold Merchant Warehouse’s stated goal of providing world class service to all merchants. 
  • Provide problem identification, analysis, and resolution. If unable to resolve issue, contact 3rd party (i.e., American Express,, First Data) or escalate to supervisory and/or management team. 
  • Notate all merchant interactions (phone, email, and fax) into OpsCenter. Document with an emphasis on accuracy and clarity of issue and resolution.
  • Develop and improve quality service methods and communication skills through coaching, feedback, and other training and developmental opportunities. Be receptive to constructive criticism and all suggestions for improvement.
  • Metric Goals
  • Maintain an AHT at or below the stated goal for the department. AHT is a reflection of how time staffed in the queue is spent by looking at AUX, ACW, talk time, and hold time. Meeting this goal enables the department as a whole to assist merchants in a timely and professional manner.
  • Maintain a score on Quality Assurance scorecards at or above stated goal for the department based on the fourteen (14) scorecards that will be sent to each CSR on a monthly basis.
  • Provide on-phone client training and assistance as needed within guidelines of Tier 1 technical support. Identify those merchants that need Tier 2 support and transfer to appropriate department.
  • Respond to merchant or internal inquiries according to standard process flow, escalation procedures, and within expected timeframe.
  • Notify your Team Lead when procedures are not followed, thus impacting the resolution time to the customer. Identify and document any recurring problems, internal or merchant related, to facilitate resolution.
  • Monitor the Merchant Experience blog regularly throughout work day to ensure proper notification of important updates, policy changes, and other communications from management.
  • Meet all stated goals for average handle time (AHT) and quality assurance scorecards.
  • Properly utilize paid time off (PTO) by managing time in and out of the office and working within the guidelines of the PTO points system.
  • Correctly log in and out of the phones by using proper phone codes (AUX, ACW, available) as necessary. Similarly, correctly punch in and out of Staff Center as required for all breaks.
  • Work on other CS related tasks as delegated by supervisory and/or management team as time allows. 
  • Follow proper dress code regulations, demonstrating a professional image and presence.  


Position Requirements:

  • Ability to operate within a challenging and fast-paced environment and ability to shift focus between the queue and follow-up to ensure all merchant calls are answered within an appropriate timeframe
  • Effective verbal skills with merchants, co-workers, and managers
  • Clear and effective writing specific to the quality of email correspondence with both merchants and staff as well as within OpsCenter notations
  • Excellent analytical and listening skills
  • Ability to properly handle complaints and diffuse conflict to prevent escalation 
  • Working knowledge of MS Excel, MS Word, and MS Outlook, specifically email and task functionalities.
  • Ability to learn new concepts, products, and systems quickly- including Merchant Warehouse internal systems: Ops Center, Tech Center, MerchantWARE, CS Wiki, Merchant Experience blog. Exhibit proficiency with processor’s systems, including: Client eMerchantView, Portfolio Manager, Service Center Web, and GAA.
  • Self-motivated, determined, and professional 
  • Must be a team player and take direction well 
  • Some higher education preferred


About Merchant Warehouse:

Merchant Warehouse is a recognized leader in payment acceptance solutions and merchant services.  The company enables merchants, agents, POS developers and VARs to achieve strategic business advantage through the delivery of current and emerging payment, offer and program solutions and merchant services that dramatically enhance the merchant-customer experience. Merchant Warehouse is one of the fastest growing and innovative payment solutions companies in North America. For more information about Merchant Warehouse, please visit

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