CB Cost Pro

Compare costs and show merchant savings on the spot!

CB CostProCB Cost Pro is an online cost comparison tool that allows agents to select the account type and SIC code and compare different pricing structures for your merchant. Once you submit the information, you simply type in the merchant’s current and proposed rates and CB Cost Pro immediately calculates the savings and prints out a proposal for the merchant to review.

CB Cost Pro is the ideal tool for agents and sales representatives who are looking for the ability to convert accounts onsite at the merchant location. It’s easy to use, accessible from any tablet, laptop or PC and eliminates additional paperwork.

CB Cost Pro allows you to:

  • Improve the speed and overall efficiency of converting merchant accounts
  • Demonstrate immediate savings for the merchant
  • Create a detailed, professional printable proposal
  • Offer more flexibility by converting various account types


Join our network today and begin using this incredible tool and our other suite of mobile options. Save time and money, and close more business – it’s the perfect business equation!