The Educated Sales Rep

Throughout my 2 years working in this industry, I have noticed a few common threads that have remained unchanged over the years: Merchants do not WANT to accept credit cards, and furthermore, don’t have TIME to spend researching processing companies.  They want a quick fix and easy fix.  But I have seen this industry change more rapidly in the past 3 years than any other industry, and merchants are having a hard time keeping up.  

By the time a merchant calls in to Merchant Warehouse, chances are he/she has spoken with 2-3 credit card processing companies and has been told 2-3 completely different things.  Most of the time, it seems like competitors will throw a lot of numbers and “deals” at the merchant without backing any of it up with facts or statistics.  These competitors only know how to “sell” but know nothing of the merchant account industry itself.  By the time the merchant gets to me, he/she is more scared to accept credit cards than ever before.

On a typical incoming sales call, the merchant arrives already frustrated, confused, and extremely guarded.  Luckily, when I started working for Merchant Warehouse, I spent 8 full weeks in training before I ever touched a phone, and every Friday morning the Sales Team gathers for a weekly meeting with the Executives to discuss industry changes. – This IS an extremely competitive industry, and as Merchant Warehouse reps, we are required to know what we are selling, and who we are selling to.  

I am able to educate the merchants who come to me knowing nothing about any of this "credit card stuff" and I have found that there are very few questions I can’t answer – even for the most educated merchant!  One would be surprised at how many merchants I’ve talked to who say, “Oh, I never knew THAT” “Thank you for telling me that; the other guy I talked to never brought that up.”  “No, he didn’t explain this to me; I totally get it now!”  The call ends with a happy, educated merchant who, 99% of the time will come back and set their account up with me.  

The best part about feeling knowledgeable is that I get to relax when I’m on the phone with a merchant.  Then they, in turn, also feel relaxed, and pretty soon we’re debating about who’s going to clinch the division title this year…  (That’s baseball for you non-sports fans!)

Erin Leddy - Account Executive