We're happy to teach competitors, like PayJunction, the difference between PCI and PA-DSS

Markiyan Malko |

June 8, 2011

Email from PayJunction about Merchant Warehouse

An interesting email came across my desk this morning from one of our good partners that is being targeted by a company called PayJunction. It is always interesting to read an email from a competitor of ours that is misinformed about PCI and PA-DSS or elects to mislead customers. Lets start with:

"I understand you currently integrate with Merchant Warehouse, however, we can offer something they can not. We have a solution that will allow you to retain integrated credit card processing... while totally taking you out of the scope of PCI."


Couple issues with this statement. First, Merchant Warehouse has had this type of solution for two years, it's called MerchantWARE Transport. Not only did we have it first, we have three different options to accommodate our partners whether they are web based, mobile or traditional POS systems. Second, a POS developer is not in scope for PCI, that would be the merchant. The POS developer is in scope for PA-DSS which is the reason we came up with this solution years ago to help our partners save time, money and headaches.

Here's another good one:

"We are already making this transition with other ISVs that work with Merchant Warehouse so I know they are making you deal with PCI and hitting you with fees."


Merchant Warehouse has never and will never charge a partner any 'PCI' fees or any other fees at all for that matter. Clearly the author of this email got some bad information from somewhere as I am sure they did a good amount of research before making this kind of accusation to a partner. On the contrary, Merchant Warehouse has actually partnered with multiple QSA companies like TrustWave to offer partners discounted PA-DSS audits if they do choose to go through an audit and become listed on the PCI Validated Applications list.

It is unfortunate that companies out there need to use these tactics to try to compete with us and end up misleading or trying to scare partners into working with them. Merchant Warehouse prides itself on being transparent and honest with partners and intends to build long lasting partnerships on these basics. We urge all developers to contact us to go over our offerings or competitor offerings and get the truth about both.