For Your Website

Looking to update your website now that you accept credit cards? Whether you are looking to update your privacy policy or simply add a credit card logo to your website, Merchant Warehouse has you covered.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policies are required by Visa and Mastercard for all websites that are looking to accept credit cards online. As each individual website has its own policies on capturing cookies and the handling of any data, Merchant Warehouse is not able to offer a single one-size fits all Privacy Policy for you to upload to your website. However there are many both free and paid Privacy Policy builders available on the web today that can be found quickly by performing a search on the phrase 'Privacy Policy Builder'.

In addition we advise all of our merchants to include one of the two options below on their website’s privacy policy page to ensure that their customers know that Merchant Warehouse is the merchant service company processing their credit cards.

Example 1
We have partnered with Merchant Warehouse, a payment solutions provider since 1998, to accept credit cards and electronic payments. Learn more about Merchant Warehouse by visiting

Example 2
[Your Company Name] uses Merchant Warehouse to process credit card transactions and for electronic payment processing. For further information about Merchant Warehouse please visit their website at If you would like to learn more about how credit card processing works, Merchant Warehouse has built this infoactive detailing the steps that delivers your credit card information at


Content for your Frequently Asked Questions page

Example 1
How do you process my credit card transactions?

We have entered into an agreement with Merchant Warehouse LLC. We trust the privacy and security of our payment processor Merchant Warehouse. You can learn more about Merchant Warehouse at their website

Example 2
How do you protect my credit card information?

The information you submit on our site is not saved anywhere on our servers. We don’t retain your credit card information. We have entered into an agreement where your information goes directly through our merchant service provider Merchant Warehouse to the payment card networks for processing. You can learn more about our merchant service processor here


Trust Badges

Now that your website is able to accept credit cards, we're sure you're excited to let your customers know. We have developed the following trust badges that you can quickly add to your website. In addition we have a variety of credit card logos available at the bottom of this page.


Let your customers know that you accept credit cards.
Find the image that works best for you and copy and paste the html code in to your site. Each graphic includes a link back to our website for individuals looking to learn more about our services.