Genius: Value from Day One

Merchant Warehouse |

March 25, 2014

Genius: Value from Day One

The new Genius™ Customer Engagement Platform™ from Merchant Warehouse has the power to do what no other payments solution can do - aggregate and integrate every conceivable transaction technology, payment type and customer program – both present and future – into a single platform.

Learn how Genius can deliver value to your business from the first day of its deployment.

Video Transcript

The Genius customer engagement platform is a solution that evolves with your business. It's designed to scale for the future; offering complete access and flexibility to support growth. Genius has the ability to accept current payment types and alternative emerging payment types, including EMV, NFC, and QR codes.

With Genius, you'll receive value from day one. Lower the cost of ownership for your business; lower your risk and the liabilities associated with payments; streamline your service and support; and receive value added capabilities.

The benefits you'll receive from using Genius will include: reduced costs with intelligent PIN steering technology, relief from costly third party gateways, simplified PCI validation, digital receipt management with signature capture, integrated PIN debit, state-of-the-art counter-top device with full color HD screen, one stop shop for all service needs, 24/7/365 award winning customer support.

The Genius customer engagement platform is much more than a payment acceptance device, its a smart and flexible payment technology solution that provides access to multiple payment types; enhances administration and alleviates security risks; reduces payment processing costs; mitigates your concerns for future payment types; and creates unique opportunities to gain competitive advantage. But most importantly, it enables you to offer a big box retail experience to your customers for little to no extra cost.