The Electronic Transactions Association

The Electronic Transactions Association – or ETA – is an international trade association based in Washington, D.C. that represents merchants and offers electronic transaction processing products and services. The purpose of the ETA is to influence, monitor and shape the present and future of the merchant acquiring industry by providing distinct leadership through merchant education, advocacy and the exchange of information.

ETA’s membership includes the payments industry, such as financial institutions, transaction processors, independent sales organizations – or ISOs – and equipment suppliers. There are a total of more than five hundred companies from 7 different countries worldwide that are current members of The Electronic Transactions Association.

The association began in 1990 as the Bankcard Services association with fewer than twenty people from the industry who gathered to discuss the many ways to develop a credible voice within the industry. In the mid-1990′s, the group realized the need to broaden its scope of industry representation. It changed its name officially to the Electronic Transactions Association, which is now an international association.

ETA’s official stated mission is to comprehensively serve all of its members and advance their individual professions by providing leadership through education, advocacy and the exchange of information.

The Electronic Transactions Association sponsors two meetings every year: the Annual Meeting & Expo, in the spring, and the Strategic Leadership and Networking Forum later in the fall. Attendees at these meetings are able to meet with other key decision makers within the industry in order to learn about new products and services.

The Electronic Transactions Association also has a commitment to advancing the electronic payment industry, which is evident in the scope of its educational offerings. As the electronic transactions industry continues to evolve, the ETA’s educational programs and the ETA University have, in turn, also grown.

The ETA provides considerably valuable communication tools and programs for its membership that include their official website, which features the most current information on ETA, its members and events, and industry news; the annual and biannual meetings that feature educational programming, industry exhibitions, media contacts and networking opportunities; Transaction Trends magazine, the industry’s leading professional publication, providing the up-to-date industry information on a monthly basis; and ETA Currents, an electronic news digest published weekly and emailed to all ETA members.

The Electronic Transactions Association also offers complete industry representation for each and every one of its members by providing a credible, unified voice within the industry. ETA ultimately strives to effect change within the industry by providing a conduit to other associations, card companies and governmental agencies to work on industry issues.