Hypercom Corporation is one of the largest providers of electronic payment solutions and point of transaction services in the world. The company creates designs, manufactures and distributes secure electronic transaction terminals, networking devices, management systems, and application software and provides the support systems necessary to keep things working smoothly and efficiently.

Hypercom focuses on the high security needs of acquiring banks and other e-commerce networks, financial institutions, large retailers, millions of smaller merchants and businesses around the world. The financial transactions of large institutions and large groups of independent merchants alike are handled with the latest technology for advanced speed, efficiency and security in addition to new services and devices. Using Hypercom’s network, hardware and software enable businesses in more than 100 countries operate their businesses smoothly, efficiently and profitably.

More than just a provider, Hypercom is known around the world as an innovator offering new services, technologically advanced scanning and transmitting devices and constantly upgraded security measures to ensure the accuracy and safety of large sums of money and increasingly valuable information.

Started in 1978 in Australia, Hypercom focused its early attention to the Asian rim and rode a wave of unprecedented business expansion in the area during the 80′s and 90′s. The company moved into the US market in 1987 and moved its corporate headquarters to Phoenix, AZ in 1990. It further advanced its global expansion plan in 1991 with a bold move into Latin America and completed it in 1996 with a grand entrance into Europe.

Hypercom has a wide variety of advanced electronic payment products. Their multi action Optimum card payment terminals designed for multi lane retailers have been a huge success for the firm. Their T7Plus designed with small retailers in mind amply satisfies their need for fewer options and more speed and reliability in their countertop point of transaction terminals.

Hypercom develops an impressive line of peripheral devices such as printers, PIN pads, receipt capture devices, radio and biometric frequency verification devices and external modems. Many products are designed for both indoor and outdoor use to reach as many customers with electronic payment solutions as possible.

In the last decade Hypercom has become an industry leader in the creation and manufacture of transaction network devices, management systems and application software. Interfacing together, these devices and the attendant software support the demand for high volume, high value transactions. Hypercom also delivers a complete line of software applications that operate its terminals and includes a management module that interacts with its HypercomView management system.

For PC based point of sale merchants, Hypercom offers SmartPayments technology and software systems which accomplish the same goals as independent devices for merchants who prefer to operate their financial transactions from their own computers.

South of the US border, Hypercom created its NetSet operations providing product installations on demand, repairs, tech support, on site training, maintenance and any specific customer modifications.

Meeting the demand for more diverse features in their point of transaction systems, Hypercom has focused efforts on transaction transport services to quickly and efficiently deliver transaction information to diverse entities. Early users of this advanced concept include business firms involved in biometrics, prepaid cards of all types, gift cards, health care and retail loyalty cards.

Hypercom has been so successful at marketing their products and services around the world that they are the recipients of many awards complementing their hard work in areas encompassing customer service, technological advances and behind the scenes support. Prestigious awards such as Frost and Sullivan’s 2004 Customer Value Enhancement Award, winning their Company of the Year Award two years in a row, Visa’s Chip Vendor of the Year award 2003, the 2000 Product Innovation of the Year Award are but a few of the many awards this company has garnered.

More than a company that stays under the radar delivering products and services to firms and merchants around the world, Hypercom has proven consistently that it is a leader as well as an innovator in e-commerce hardware, software and support. While other companies focus on keeping up with technological advances, Hypercom prides itself on delivering tomorrows technology today.