Hypercom ICE 5500

The new countertop point of sale terminal, Hypercom’s ICE 5500, raises the performance bar for all other web enabled countertop merchant transaction processing terminals.

Delivering innovative options such as electronic signature and receipt capture (ERC), in store promotions and customer loyalty programs, the multi function ICE 5500 elevates single function transaction terminals to a whole new level. The ICE 5500 is smart card compatible and even has a built in Pin Pad for ease of use by merchants and customer alike.

Cutting waiting time for verification and receipt printing in half, the ICE 5500 will move customers through a checkout much faster than any other point of sale transaction terminals. The high speed printer literally launches the receipts to waiting cashiers and customers.

The overly large LCD display utilizes touch screen technology which supports advertising and customized, personalized coupon creation directly to the individual customer at the point of sale. All of this is accomplished using the FastPOS modem operating at 9600 bps which is the fastest operating speed currently available in the marketplace. Additionally, the revolutionary SureLoad printer practically eliminates the hassle of paper jams and makes loading new, longer paper rolls without header feed a snap.

A new feature cheered by merchants is the ICE 5500′s ability to read information from customer’s driver’s licenses using a triple track reader.

Two way messaging is possible with an embedded web browser making the terminal much more than just a one way transaction device.

The printer is so advanced that by following a few simple instructions every merchant can have a customized logo as well as promotional advertising printed on each and every receipt for increased branding and consumer awareness.

With a prominent LCD display, the two way interactive design of the ICE 5500 supports and displays graphic advertising. And when the screen is not displaying promotions or other information it can be used as a touch screen to enter information quickly and easily.

Businesses spend billions every year on advertising trying to attract new customers and hold onto existing ones. The ICE 5500 helps merchants by graphically displaying in store promotions, maintaining and encouraging loyalty programs and in store contests with every customer leaving the store carrying printed reminders of their positive shopping experience.

More than simply the machine that accepts and approves credit cards at the point of sale, Hypercom’s ICE 5500 is a welcome addition known for fast and efficient service, customer retention and expansion, advertising and profitability