Hypercom Optimum T4100

The Hypercom Optimum T4100 is a multiple payment card terminal that processes sales transactions and for retail merchants and their customers.

This credit card reader is a truly unique machine, the first of its kind terminal that inexpensively offers unprecedented levels of security, performance, reliability and ease of use in countertop, point of sale transactions. Amongst other similar card processing terminals, it is considered to be one of the most powerful in terms of dynamic application, security, ease-of-use and processing speed.

The Hypercom Optimum T4100 provides a merchant the option of using a broadband or dial-up internet connection. With a one-touch key function design, large back-lit graphic display, Sure Load Printer, and ports that allow connection to a PIN Pad, the T4100 is an excellent POS machine for the price.

It is a relatively small unit, measuring less than nine by six inches, thereby taking up very little counter or table space at a restaurant or retail setting. There are many other settings that this great machine can work in too, such as drug stores, beauty salons, convenient stores, gift stores, specialty markets, department stores and grocery stores, amongst others.

Certified by Apriva, the leading wireless solutions provider, permits the IP enabled T4100 to operate through Apriva’s Intelligent Gateway which is certified with all major merchant processors in North America, putting the device light years ahead of similar terminals. The certification means that Apriva will offer a number of value-added services for the terminal, including order processing, online reporting, terminal real time provisioning and comprehensive customer management.

The terminal was designed to easily support applications for both dial up internet connections and IP/SSL connections depending upon the merchant. And whether the merchant chooses IP or dial up service, the T 4100 is powered by Intel’s XScale 32 bit processor that delivers the fastest processing times in the industry.

Additionally the terminal contains 24MB of memory, more than several similar terminals combined that supports more value-added services than any other terminal on the market. Add this to multiple application architecture and you have a terminal that will actually increase your customer satisfaction and customer retention percentages.

A high speed, innovative, flexible printer that offers a choice of 2″ or 3″ sizes, is able to handle text and graphics at an unprecedented 18 lines per second. Merchants will be able to print logos, friendly messages, graphic designs, or anything else on your receipts with ease.

Normal terminal functions have been reduced to “one touch” entry capability. The revolutionary user interface uses the fewest keystrokes to deploy than any other terminal on the market and the IP diagnostic applications built in to the terminal make installation and maintenance a snap.

Whether you use 56K dial up or secure Ethernet connections to process your sales data, the T4100 reduces communication downtime and costs. The T4100 has a wizard style interface for configuring the terminal that has a help embedded for more accurate and faster deployment of the terminal. This also means fewer tech support calls and replacement situations.

The T 4100 offers the option to use either the single application (providing rich functions, features, and applications that are all value-adds) or independent application modules (that can do multi-application loads to separate sources with one command.

Always concerned with security Hypercom has added its advanced POS PKI it designed alongside RSA, Inc that protects against unauthorized applications and external attacks. The T 4100 not only processes your transactions efficiently, but the unit protects your information from hackers.

If you are the type of merchant who requires high security in your financial transactions, speed and cost effectiveness, innovative value added technology or complete management systems the T 4100 delivers. And Hypercom backs up its products with maintenance, support and continued innovative improvements in both the software and hardware it designs and manufactures.