Hypercom T7 Plus

The Hypercom T7 Plus is a payment card processing terminal intended for countertop point of sales (POS) retail operations that require a low cost, efficient and reliable terminal that accepts all types of magnetic stripe cards for payment as well as efficient online transaction authorizations.

But the T& Plus is more than just a low cost efficient processing terminal. It also accepts of contactless fobs and RF cards. Also, this is one terminal that comes EM V4.0 certified.

The T7 Plus offers the choice between a 19 or 35-key configuration, and it can initiate transactions and daily tasks in one easy step.

Incorporating Hypercom’s SureLoad printer ensures rapid roll placement by simply dropping new rolls in place – there are no time consuming feeder configurations of most other printers on the market. A recently added feature of Hypercom’s line of high speed, multi tasking printers, is the acceptance of longer rolls of paper which saves time at the checkout counter where it’s most needed. Furthermore, a clear, see-through panel alerts users that the roll is almost finished.

A unique feature of the T7 Plus terminal is its customizability. It’s the first terminal of its type to have bi-lingual displays on its screen. For example, English and Chinese can be displayed simultaneously aiding merchants in handling multi-lingual customer bases with the push of a button.

The certification of credit card processing terminals is crucial to their success. Along with certification comes immediate approval and acceptance with various gateway and processing networks around the world. If equipment is not certified, it will not be readily accepted in various markets.

The T7 Plus is PED certified and EMV approved as well as being certified by all major companies in the field. Hence, the T7 Plus will fit neatly into your business no matter what company is handling your other processing needs and no matter where you are located.

Hypercom prides itself in focusing its attention on the needs of businesses small and large around the globe and the T7 lives up to this promise as well. It is a wonderful addition and meets the requirements for all general retail outlets, restaurants, multi-merchant operations, grocery stores, pharmacies, and C-stores, and it will pretty much deliver great service, reliability and security wherever electronic payment systems operate.

The T7 Plus’ compact 19 or 35 key configurations have a “one-touch” functionality that allows commonly used functions at the touch of a button. It can also accommodate up to 20 merchant ID’s in one machine. It is backed with full application support and handles all point of sale processing needs of all retail merchants. It has a remarkably low failure rate, up to a 56K modem, external reader support and a boot lock feature that protects against unauthorized reloading.

In addition to all the technology, security and reliability that Hypercom could pack into this terminal, it has been designed with convenience in mind. The One-touch operation simplifies daily operations while reducing training time and costs.

For merchants who require their terminals to provide in-store functions the T7 Plus comes with a full featured secure terminal management system that includes local or web based options. And the accompanying and constantly updated software allows merchants the option of including value-added opportunities with ease.

The T7 Plus boasts “cloning” functionality to download terminal information faster. You can even download upwards of 12 terminals at the same time. It also has excellent graphics capability for printing logos, coupons, or anything else on receipts.

Hypercom has added a dial concentrator for the T7 Plus which allows a retailer with few phone lines to operate multiple T7 Plus terminals one the same phone line without any loss of speed, efficiency or security. Peripheral devices can be added to the T7 Plus instantly which allows the retailer to offer more payment option to his customers.

For merchants of any size, the T7 Plus makes a wonderful addition to the electronic resources at your command. The T7 Plus will handle all of your processing requirements today and is designed to easily grow with you into the future.