IC Verify

IC Verify software is a PC-based payment authorization and settlement system that communicates directly with the First Data Merchant Services (FDMS) platforms to authorize payment transactions and store them for end-of-day settlement. Internet pioneer CyberCash initially developed the software, which was acquired in 2002 by First Data along with a number of the original engineering personnel.

IC Verify has now evolved into a stable product with both “standard” and “enterprise” versions able to handle all the various types of transactions from today’s various payment methods. (Version names: IC Verify for Windows, IC Verify Enterprise Edition.) The software can be interfaced to a point of sale (POS) or order entry system, share a multipurpose PC platform and provide the communications conduit for authorizations and batch settlement.

The Payment Application Best Practices (PABP) standard defines the requisite safety measures and precautions for software processing of payment transactions. Both versions of IC Verify are PABP-validated applications for both online and physical POS merchant locations.

Comprehensive coverage

IC Verify for Windows is among the most comprehensive payment processing software for retail and MOTO (mail order/telephone order) merchants. It handles all major credit cards, including Level II and III data for Visa and MasterCard corporate accounts and specialty purchasing cards. IC Verify will also process checks, debit/ATM cards, “refillable” cash cards, gift and private label (“vanity”) cards and line-of-credit applications.

There are additional strengths of the IC Verify for Windows product beyond its transaction processing. The software includes a customer database for MOTO merchants and has the capacity – “out of the box,” with no custom programming – to perform recurring billing functions and process Internet and e-mail purchases. Since IC Verify’s robust architecture supports advanced, customized configuration options, such special procedures as split-dialing can be enabled quickly.

Several hundred thousand merchants use IC Verify solutions, as both a stand-alone product and a transaction-processing engine for other software packages. The IC Verify for Windows product is ready, today, to help you handle all of your MOTO, in-store and electronic transactions, and even assist your reconciliations with reports that “mirror” your regular merchant statement.

A hosting solution, too

IC Verify Enterprise Edition is the version of the software that helps merchants host their own payment processing. IC Verify Enterprise software is designed for “enterprise-class” merchants with greater volumes and/or multiple lines of business. These businesses have more demanding requirements, including authenticated e-commerce, recurring sales and numerous, different POS environments. IC Verify Enterprise is empowered to handle multiple users and multiple merchants, yet remains quite cost-effective for the small-to-midsize merchant requiring a scalable solution that will grow with the business.

IC Verify Enterprise offers strong performance, reliability and a range of capabilities that will support all kinds of corporate users. It allows for dial-up connections by smaller merchants, Internet for mid-range and larger users, and frame-relay connections for even the largest transaction volumes (20 per second with sustained load). In addition, the number of supported merchant accounts is limited only by merchant system resources.

The Enterprise version of the IC Verify software easily integrates all payment centers – including e-commerce websites, call centers, mobile processors, interactive response systems and physical stores – into a single payment server. System management is fluid and flexible with a Web-style user interface for browsing, editing and reviewing transactions, in addition to a “server status” window that tracks performance, system status and processing history in real time.

Ready for tomorrow

Because the IC Verify product line supports a broad range of payment processing, you can easily accept new payment types as your business expands, without recourse to expensive or troublesome hardware/software upgrades. Numerous users can share a single phone line or Internet connection, and the set-up process does not require any hardware upgrades. Whether you opt for the IC Verify for Windows or the IC Verify Enterprise Edition, you can minimize downtime and get yourself squared away with an IC Verify installation in no time.

Anything that takes “no time” and offers an improvement in efficiency, sales, management, cost control or any combination of these things, is something about which every businessperson will be interested. Merchants need to be ready for anything – an increasing number of transactions, new and different transaction types, updated and new processing procedures – but especially those things that come along with a growing, successful business.

Whatever else an up-and-coming business needs, a solution that can process transactions simply, quickly and reliably will always be in demand. IC Verify is a solid performer in the field, and is worthy of consideration by any merchant, of any size, who understands the benefit of a highly-integrated, Windows-based payment processing solution.