Nurit 3010

The Nurit 3010 model from Lipman is a wireless, portable, payment-processing device. Just 3.62 inches thick, 4.25 inches wide, 9.05 inches long and 2.16 lbs. without paper, it offers a comprehensive feature list and important usability options that make it a solid choice for a “pay anywhere” solution.

Users avail themselves of the Nurit 3010′s flexible wireless connectivity – GSM, CDPD, CDM, Motient, Mobitex and AMPS – with a single user interface, and can opt to use a landline with the integrated 1200/2400 bps modem. Its detachable antenna allows for replacement by high-gain antennas, for use in limited coverage areas. You can continue business operations even in no-coverage areas, as the unit covers all the connectivity bases with its “store and forward” feature that permits offline capture and subsequent upload of transaction information.

The compact POS terminal can store more than 60 days of credit, debit and check transaction history. The Nurit 3010 authorizes checks with SCAN (the Shared Check Authorization Network) and also processes pre-paid, loyalty, gift and EBT cards in addition to standard credit and debit cards. Its software is also customizable, allowing you to develop workflows and applications for doing business in your preferred way.

Handheld size, desktop power

The Nurit 3010 has a swift (12 lines per second) thermal printer built in, along with a full-size PIN pad and a backlit display. With an optional smart card reader, this device becomes a total transaction processor that takes all constraints off the point-of-sale location and lets you follow business where it takes you.

Of interest to technophiles is the fact that the microprocessor supplying the brains in this powerful device is from the Motorola 68000 family – the same kind of processors used in the first Apple Macintosh computers. This 32-bit workhorse has plenty of processing power for this miniature terminal, with 1MB of flash memory for software and 256KB RAM (upgradeable to 512KB and 1MB) for transactions, which are secured by battery back-up.

Rear access peripheral ports include a standard RS-232 “comm” port, a second RS-232 port supporting an external PIN pad and an RJ-11 phone jack to connect the modem to a landline. Finally, the Nurit 3010 has a rechargeable, replaceable battery and comes with a UL-approved AC/DC adapter (14.5Vdc, 1.5A).

The right one for you?

Lipman, manufacturer of the Nurit 3010, ranks among the premier providers of customizable payment processing technology, and is the leading supplier of wireless POS terminals in America today. Like all mobile POS manufacturers, Lipman strives to integrate hardware, mobile applications and back-office software so that transaction processors and the businesses they serve can do business not just “faster and better,” but with lower costs and higher profits.

Lipman has a line of Nurit products with different feature sets because businesses have different needs. Not everyone may need the supercharged processing power, Wi-fi access and expandability of the top-of-the-line Nurit 8000, so the 3010 is the firm’s bread-and-butter wireless choice. It is powerful enough to process on the go, small and compact enough to be carried around a retail site, and has some high-end features (like the “store and forward”) that differentiate it from other products.

The manufacturer’s literature describes what its “solutions are all about: enhancing the consumer transaction experience every step of the way.” Lipman and other wireless POS manufacturers are convinced that there mobile devices “can satisfy your demanding customers’ needs today and tomorrow, while improving your business performance.” Whether it’s the Nurit 3010 or another model from another manufacturer, there is no question that mobile POS is here (and there) to stay.