Retrieval Request

A “retrieval request” is a request made to a merchant for either a legible copy of a sales transaction record or an original sales record. Often, a retrieval request is made by a customer for additional information about a transaction that shows up on a monthly credit card statement.

In many cases, a retrieval request will be initiated by a credit card holder who can’t remember a specific transaction, or by the bank when it wants specific order information to track possible fraudulent credit card use. When the credit card issuer, Visa or MasterCard or some other, initiates such a retrieval request, the merchant has precisely ten (10) business days to provide the order information or the retrieval request will become a chargeback. Merchants would like to avoid the chargebacks, of course, because of the steep fees associated with them and the fact that they negatively impact the merchant’s standing with its account provider and/or bank.

Different Requests and Reasons

Each major international credit card company has a series of retrieval request reasons that are individually coded. Visa, for instance, recognizes the following reasons, among others: Cardholder Requests Copy Bearing Signature, Request for T&E Documents, Cardholder Dispute, Cardholder Request Draft, Legal Process or Fraud Analysis and Repeat Request for Copy.

MasterCard has a series of its own reasons for retrieval requests, such as
Chargeback Support (Card Holder Does Not Agree with Amount Billed), Cardholder Inquiry (Does Not Recognize Transaction), Cardholder Inquiry (Disagrees With Billing), Cardholder Inquiry (Needs for Personal Records), Cardholder Inquiry (No Reason Code), Legal/Fraud (Signature Verification), Potential Chargeback or Compliance Documentation, Legal/Fraud (Imprint Verification) and others.

Discover Network reasons include Airline Transaction Dispute, Automatic Payment Dispute, Altered Amount Dispute, Cash Advance Dispute, Credit Posted as Card Sale, Cancelled Reservation, Duplicate Processing, Not Classified, Non-Receipt of Goods or Services, Quality of Goods or Services Dispute, Additional Credit Requested, Credit Not Received, Swiped Card Transaction (Proof of Valid Card Sale), Keyed Card Transaction (Proof of Valid Card Sale) and Card Not Present Transaction (Proof of Delivery).