Thales Talento EFT

The Thales Talento EFT is a credit card terminal processing machine that has established itself as a flexible and secure solution within the retail, hospitality, restaurant and service industries worldwide. The Thales Talento EFT Credit card terminal provides rapid transaction rates and a host of important and easy-to-use features.

The Thales Talento EFT performs a number of functions and allows an incredibly wide variety of payment forms, including credit cards, debit cards, check authorization, EBT, electronic check, telephone orders, mail orders and the acceptance of smart cards.

Intuitive and easy to use, the Talento product design results from the longstanding international experience of Thales. Its fast printing, sizeable keys, large graphic display and truly simple menus guide all types of users through all kinds of transactions, allowing merchants to reclaim precious time for their business operations. The new technology and architecture implemented in the Talento model greatly reduce waiting time for both the POS machine operator and the customer. The wide choice of personalization options, such as key colors and logos, allows merchants to select a terminal customized to their company’s’ own unique needs. The Talento all-in-one credit card processing printer/terminal fulfills every EFT need for the credit-only payment scenario. The Talento machine is a terminal and printer, all in one. It is also very portable, so you can use your merchant account services on the go.

The Talento EFT terminal comes in many memory models to meet all functionality demands. Smart cards also work with this terminal when value-added features are plugged in. Talento’s store applications allow debit, credit, EBT, check authorization, e-checks, mail orders and telephone orders, as well as smart card acceptance. This capable device offers a wide variety of features that give a flexible and safe transaction process. The large, luminous screen, the efficient keyboard and the contoured design make the Talento extra friendly for users. The strong multitasking application that runs inside Talento decreases customer and operator waiting time.

Thales Talento EFT Features:

  • Rapid transaction times
  • Trustworthy thermal printer
  • Wonderful, simple design with five one-touch buttons
  • Straightforward keyboard with automatic teller-style function keys
  • Fast-loading auto paper feed

Thales Talento EFT Specifications:

  • Processor – six bit Microprocessor
  • Memory – RAM 128K or 256K; Elective 512K or 8MB
  • Displays six lines of configurable backlit LCD display Keypad – 25 keys – 5 function keys and three screen addressable keys; 
  • Options: forty-one keys with graphic display or fifty-nine keys with QWERTY Keyboard
  • Card Reader – Tracks one and two, or two and three 
  • Options: Track three and JIS 2 reader
  • Modem – 2400bps
  • Options – Smart card reader, power, phone and RS232 ports on power source pack
  • Check reader
  • Integrated Pin Pad


  • User friendly
  • EMV and Visa PED PINpads for fast processing of EMV and 3DES applications
  • Fast and silent thermal printer
  • Single power cable for ease of use in semi-portable locations
  • High-speed modem option
  • TCP/IP and Ethernet module option
  • Storage memory option