VeriFone Omni 3200

The Verifone Omni 3200 was first in a line of credit card terminals by this leading manufacturer to display its new eggshell body style. This older credit card terminal is still a good performer, just not as small, or quick, as its newer version, the 3200SE, and upgraded versions like the 3250 or 3730LE.

The Omin 3200 has a built-in thermal printer, saving you money on ink cartridges, but in comparison to other credit card processing equipment prices, it is slightly more expensive than what many people consider and even better machine, the Verifone 3730LE. (Pricing and models change so quickly that it is not even that helpful to quote prices in this article. You should shop around and price the units you are interested in just prior to purchase to assure yourself of the lowest current price.)

Longtime Favorite

The Omni 3200′s sleek, small design and its compact integrated thermal printer have made it a favorite among merchants. The affordably priced unit will process almost every type of payment method under the sun. The unit’s large, bright LCD display will walk you through transactions using both graphics and text, and the ATM-like keys make the terminal easy to operate while minimizing training costs and improving productivity.
The Omni 3200 features SoftPay software, a modular application that supports credit, debit, EBT and check transactions in any POS environment, and allows for easy migration of existing software. Ease of use and dependability alike are enhanced by such thoughtful design features as the built-in paper cover for the integrated thermal printer. It virtually eliminates paper jams, thus reducing both maintenance costs and revenue loss due to down time.

A Real Communicator

Two telco ports make a second phone line unnecessary. Flash memory enables remote downloading of the latest operating systems and enhancements, helping to protect your investment over time. The unit produces comprehensive, highly readable reports, as well, so that you are always up to date on the transactions that you have accomplished with the unit.

Finally, the Omni 3200 comes with a triple-track card reader that is even adept at capturing driver’s license data from most states’ new (post-2001) licenses, which may be required for certain check-processing and EBT programs.

The Omni 3200 lines has been chosen by more American merchants than any other credit card processing terminal. Whether they know it or not, just about every American with a credit card has seen (and, indirectly, used) an Omni 2000. As a solid, respected representative of VeriFone’s legendary quality and reliability, the Omni 3200 has proven itself as a top performer in years past, and will doubtless continue to perform for merchants both large and small for years to come.