We've got the goods for Google

Patrick Turiano |

June 3, 2011

Over the past week we’ve seen a flurry of activity in the media focusing on Google’s announcement of the Google Wallet.

Here at Merchant Warehouse we’ve also had the opportunity to discuss this topic with some of the reporters in the Payment and IT industries.

The conversations we had with InformationWeek and Digital Transactions seemed to focus on the security aspect of Google Wallet and mobile payments in general.  At this time, we would venture to say that NFC seems to be the most secure way to process a transaction via a mobile device.

"With NFC, since you have the ability to turn off the radio, it's much more secure off the bat," our program manager, Markiyan Malko told InformationWeek’s Thomas Claburn, recently.

That said, right now the PCI Council has said that it will not list any mobile payment application as compliant.  As consumers are driving the hype around this type of convenience and ease of payment, is it a reality for merchants?  Can processors and some of these big name players, like Google, work together to ensure a quality mobile payment solution that ensures the security of card and personal data?

“We’d love to be among the first to work with Google,” Malko told Digital Transactions’ John Stewart.

At Merchant Warehouse we have developed technology that addresses the majority of these issues.

The MerchantWARE® Transport™ Platform (hosted, mobile or web) securely and easily processes all card transactions – keyed or swiped; credit and PIN.  It provides the added benefits of saving developers PA-DSS certification costs and substantially minimizes merchant PCI compliance fees and headaches.  It also provides advanced security technology that substantially minimizes the likelihood of credit card data breaches. With the recent increases in data breaches across all forms of media (email and card readers) this solution couldn’t be more salient than it is now.

We’re interested in your thoughts and would welcome a discussion.