Introducing Genius

Merchant Warehouse |

June 12, 2012

Genius Customer Engagement Platform

The Genius platform is the first acceptance solution designed to securely handle all current and future payment types as well as value-add gift, loyalty and promotion programs. 

Boston, MA – June 12, 2012 – Merchants and point-of-sale developers are struggling with rapidly evolving consumer payment technologies, rewards and loyalty programs and other value-add offers designed to enhance the merchant-consumer experience. From the number of mobile payment options available to ensuring new transaction types maintain PCI compliance, emerging payment technologies and related programs have been viewed as a source of confusion and disruption. Today, Merchant Warehouse®, a leader and innovator in payment solutions, ushered in the future of customer engagement and value-add merchant programs with Genius, the first acceptance solution designed to securely handle all current and future payment types. 

Genius Features:

The Genius Customer Engagement Platform is able to aggregate and integrate every conceivable transaction technology, payment type and customer program – both present and future – into a single countertop device. Genius was created to address three common pain points felt by merchants, POS developers and payment providers: choice, security and access.

  • Unlimited Choice - Genius seamlessly incorporates payment and offers alternatives through a configurable Customer Engagement Device (CED) that displays the payment and program offer applications. Genius accepts all types of mobile payments including NFC, QR codes and mobile wallets as well as loyalty, gifting and rewards programs. Both merchants and customers will realize a significantly enhanced merchant-customer experience from the flexibility to choose among payment types, offers and value-add programs for each transaction. Now, merchants and POS developers can choose to implement the payment options that best suit theirs and their customers’ needs. 
  • Unified Security - With Genius, Merchant Warehouse is helping merchants and POS providers solve their biggest security and compliance challenges while simultaneously preparing them for the future of payments and value-add programs. A PCI compliant solution, Genius combines end-to-end encryption and tokenization that splits sensitive and non-sensitive data to reduce the risk of merchant security breaches. POS developers are taken out of PA-DSS scope.
  • Open Access - Merchants and POS developers using Genius have access to all payment types and value-add programs such as gift, loyalty, couponing and others. For example, Genius’s payments solution partner LevelUp gives merchants immediate access to a mobile payments solution with zero processing fees. Further, Genius’s cloud-based architecture constantly and seamlessly updates the platform, giving merchants and POS developers the opportunity to easily integrate current and future payment types without business disruption. Access to new payment types means merchants are able to quickly adapt to consumer payment trends and avoid using antiquated solutions.


The Genius Customer Engagement Platform helps merchants and POS developers grow their business and realize the promise of the future. 

  • Gain new customers with such a simple approach to having so many options;• Add value through combinations of offers and programs to retain existing customers;
  • Reduce hardware costs; and 
  • Reduce compliance costs.


 “The payment solutions industry is evolving at a dramatic pace, which is resulting in disruption, uncertainty and complexity for merchants. To be successful in today’s payments environment, merchants must be able to choose the best payment, offer and program options for their businesses and their customers, as well as take advantage of emerging technologies, in a simple, flexible, secure and unified manner. Genius’s cloud-architected model is the first industry innovation that finally brings unlimited choice, unified security and open access to merchants and POS developers to help grow their businesses.” - Henry Helgeson, Co-CEO, Merchant Warehouse

Industry Analyst Quote:

 “Merchants drive new payment systems. In the next five years, we are facing the biggest payments disruption ever, and merchants will drive it. They will also be focused on integration solutions that meet today’s challenges and prepare them for what is to come in the future.” - Avivah Litan, vice president and distinguished analyst, Gartner Research

Genius Testimonials:

“The way Genius is able to evolve over time to continuously meet any merchant’s payment and customer engagement needs maps perfectly with LevelUp’s goal of creating a flawless mobile payment experience while motivating repeat business. Plus, merchants pay zero processing fees on any LevelUp transaction. Genius’s seamless integration with LevelUp makes it possible for merchants to immediately stop paying processing fees.” - Seth Priebatsch, chief ninja, LevelUp

“The power of Genius is its ability to eliminate merchants' concerns and confusion over all of the growing payment, programs and offers upheaval, and at the same time they're able to easily leverage Genius as a way to significantly enhance their customers’ experience and gain competitive advantage. Genius is a clear win-win.” - Ian Marsh, director of software and technology, LightSpeed

Genius Availability:

Genius will be available from Merchant Warehouse this fall. For updates and additional information on Genius: