Merchant Warehouse extending their partnership with LightSpeed

Patrick Turiano |

October 18, 2011

Over the past few years, global e-commerce and mobile spending has dramatically increased among consumers, and is only expected to grow in popularity.  Despite its convenience, the growth of e-commerce presents risks to retailers and merchants alike.  Although e-commerce and mobile payment revenue is skyrocketing, the risk of data breaches is also increasing.

During last year’s holiday shopping period, consumers spent $30 billion, both over the Web and through their mobile devices.  Industry experts predict we will continue to see an uptick well into 2012 as well, due to the shopping halo effect of the smart phone and smart tablets, which make surfing the Web from your hands easier than ever before. It also raises the stakes for a higher risk of security breaches when shopping from your mobile phone and online.

As the popularity of e-commerce grows we’re excited to announce we’re continuing our partnership with the company formerly known as Xsilva, now known as LightSpeed.

For almost two years, the LightSpeed POS for the Mac has been integrated with the MerchantWARE payment gateway. We’re extending the relationship and announcing that LightSpeed’s Web Store, which is built for the e-commerce-friendly environment, will now be integrated with our e-commerce gateway. LightSpeed’s Web Store makes it easy for retailers to grow online and stand out in a crowded online marketplace, and through the integration will accept encrypted card readers, the most secure form of transmitting sensitive data.

With the MerchantWARE gateway and encrypted card reader, merchants never actually transmit or store non-encrypted sensitive credit card information. This will allow LightSpeed to offer their customers peace of mind in knowing their valuable information is safe and secure.

Merchant Warehouse is excited about extending this partnership and adding another layer of protection to help safeguard consumer’s information.