Merchant Warehouse featured in the Boston Herald

With a state unemployment rate hovering around 9 percent, according to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, the search for a job can be long and stressful. But one local company recently launched an online university to help the struggling job seeker break into a new career as an independent contractor.

Merchant Warehouse, a credit card processing company, recently started offering free "Webinars" designed to jump-start and fine-tune an independent contractor’s career. Merchant Warehouse University, which can be found at, offers independent sales agents news, industry knowledge and education.

Henry Helgeson, co-CEO of Merchant Warehouse, was an independent contractor himself before beginning Merchant Warehouse in 1998.

"As an independent contractor, you are your own boss," Helgeson said. "And with jobs hard to come by, becoming your own boss may just be the way to get back into the game."

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