Merchant Warehouse’s BINSmart Cost Manager Profiled in Digital Transactions

Brian Waldman

February 12, 2009

On February 12th, 2009, Merchat Warehouse President and Co-CEO, Henry Helgeson, spoke with Digital Transactions about the company's recent release of its BINSMart Cost Manager solution, which is a software program that works with point-of-sale terminals, allowing small merchants to process card transactions at the lowest available interchange rates. Additionally, it supplies those merchants with cost-saving technology that up to now was available only to large retailers. Helgeson goes on to explain that Merchant Warehouse is primed to take advantage of the Tier Three and Four merchant market.

Helgeson also explains the ability of BINSmart Cost Manager to calculate interchange tables to identify the most cost efficient rate available, all within one second. "We took everything we know about interchange and the networks and crammed it into this terminal," Helgeson said.