Complimentary Webinar: Mobile Payments: Why Merchants Hold the Power

Merchant Warehouse |

May 16, 2013

Mobile Payments

As part of Merchant Warehouse’s commitment to providing ongoing education to our partners and customers as well as the industry at large we are pleased to present our webinar, “Mobile Payments: Why Merchants Hold the Power”, originally held on Thursday, May 30th at 2pm EST.

In today’s environment, mobile payment is more prevalent as a hot news topic in the media than it is in stores.  If you ask most customers, they still choose to pay with cash or a credit card and, if you ask most merchants, they still only accept cash or credit cards. And, while the shift to mobile payment is still in its infancy, there is no denying that the evolution is upon us, presenting an interesting challenge for merchants in terms of meeting the demands and preferences of customers and understanding and capitalizing on the opportunity.

During this presentation, led by Merchant Warehouse Director of Product Marketing, Matt Cicciari, we will detail:

  • How mobile payments will become more widely accepted in 2013?
  • How merchants hold the power to determine the future landscape of mobile payments?
  • How merchants can influence customers' payment preferences, and why this matters to mobile payments?
  • Why it is necessary to the future of mobile payments for merchants to facilitate an easy and seamless transition from traditional, offline payment methods to online payment methods?


Mobile Payments: Why Merchants Hold the Power from Merchant Warehouse on Vimeo.