Mobile Payments and Your Business

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January 11, 2013

Mobile Payments and Your Business

While Business owners previously offered their customers a choice between "Cash or Credit?" , mobile payments offer a myriad of choices and potential issues for merchants looking to engage with their customer base.

Should you install a QR code reading terminal? EMV? NFC? Which mobile application will your customers be using? Will they still be using the same one in 6 months? What if you make the wrong choice?

What if there was a single solution which solved all these questions?

Introducing the Genius™ - The Customer Engagement Platform™

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Mobile Payments and Your Business


Business owners have a lot to worry about:

  • Overhead
  • Profits
  • Taxes
  • Employees
  • Supply
  • Demand


Until recently how their customers paid was not one of them

  • Cash
  • Credit


Today customers have smartphones and expect to be able to pay for things on them - 

38% of smartphone users have used their phones to make purchases.

Mobile payments are expected to grow from less than $100 million per year to over $22 billion by 2015.


Access to individual payment types and technologies is complex


The solution is simple

Genius Customer Engagement Platform


Genius is a smarter platform

When new payment methods come out, the business owner has the opportunity to download it directly to their system


Avoid the headaches of trying to stay one step ahead of your customers


Your customers have smartphones, You have Genius