Mobile POS – the Future of the In-Store Experience

Jim Fink |

March 6, 2013

Mobile Point of Sale

Mobile is changing shopping behaviors for customers and retailers. New technologies continue to fuel increased customer expectations in terms of convenience, value and speed. At the same time, retailers work to meet growing demands with enhanced in-store experiences, adoption and execution of new payment solutions and improved customer engagement.

As consumers, we’ve been conditioned for over a century to the typical in-store retail buying experience: 1) Enter Store, 2) Find Merchandise to Purchase, 3) Wait in Line for Cashier, and 4) Pay for Goods. But, technology and expectations are pushing the envelope, making many retailers question their legacy practices and look to alternative payment solutions.

In what I often refer to as a ‘live to work’ society, time is scarce. And, with retail e-commerce on a continued upward trajectory, reaching $59.5 billion in Q4 2012 – a 15.6 percent year over year increase, more and more brick and mortar retailers are recognizing the pressing need to evolve their in-store shopping experience, adding new options and more convenience for the customer – making it easier to buy and pay for goods. 

One technology that many leading retailers, including Apple, Nordstrom and Urban Outfitters, are relying on is Mobile POS, or mobile checkout devices, to increase customer satisfaction, reduce waiting times in traditional checkout lines and drive incremental sales. Integrated directly with the retailer’s point-of-sale (POS), mobile POS/checkout serves as a convenient option to consumers in-store, allowing them to buy from any location, whether through a retail team member or a self-service kiosk. Mobile POS also enables the retailer’s staff additional opportunity for engagement, whether for a price-check or a payment transaction.

For some retailers, Mobile POS is more than a secondary option; it’s the future of their in-store shopping experience. In fact, for JCPenney, as part of its mobile first strategy, it means replacing all of their existing traditional cash registers with Mobile POS and self-service kiosks.

Mobile POS is definitely an attractive option for retailers looking to drive incremental sales and deliver an improved customer experience. Look for more retailers adopting and implementing Mobile POS in the near future.