Extra Credit - Money Math for Elementary Students

Merchant Warehouse |

January 31, 2012

Kids may feel there is not much to learn about money but that could not be further from the truth. Money is an important subject that you may first learn about from getting an allowance or saving money from the tooth fairy. Over the years, you will find that money is a bit more involved than just saving and you will want to master skills that will make you a wise shopper. Whether saving up for a favorite toy or new outfit, you will need to understand how everyday math influences the price you will pay. As you grow older, the math skills you gain will continue to increase. When you are an adult, you will know how to handle a bank account, credit card, pay for a mortgage on your home, and invest your money wisely. Until then, you will need to focus on money skills based upon your age and grade level. You will find that there are many fun and interactive games online that can help you practice skills and become a money master.

There are two important parts to money that all kids must learn. These are how to earn money and how to manage money. As kids, you will not need to focus on earning money until you are an adult, though once in high school you will begin preparing for a career and may start working during the summer. Even younger kids may start babysitting, or earn money working around the neighborhood. It is not enough to know how to make money, but you also need to know how to manage money. By learning how to save money, make correct change, or figure out the percentage on certain items you can manage your money correctly.