The New York Times Cites the President of Merchant Warehouse

Brian Waldman

November 21, 2007

Quoted in the November 21st, 2007 edition of The New York Times, Henry Helgeson, President & Co-CEO of Merchant Warehouse, talks about the hesitation restaurant owners have in adopting "pay-at-the-table" hand-held wireless terminals.

The article, titled "After the Meal, the Credit Card Scanner Is Served," addresses how very few U.S. restaurants have adopted the "pay-at-the-table" solution, despite the technology having been used in restaurants throughout Europe for over 10 years, and has proven to alleviate the occurrence of fraud and identity theft.

It appears that the lack of popularity these devices have among merchants in the States can be attributed to qualms about cost and customer perception. In the article, Helgeson alludes to these common concerns: "Restaurant owners are typically cautious.... They're waiting to see if it works before they make a big leap," he explains.

Along with many other executives in the card payment industry, Helgeson believes that it's only a matter of time before pay-at-the-table terminals surface in restaurants throughout the U.S. "As more merchants begin to recognize the benefits these devices can offer a business and its customers, such as security, convenience and efficiency, perhaps then we will see more of a universal acceptance," he declares.