One Bold Prediction for Retail Payments with Dax Dasilva

Merchant Warehouse |

April 16, 2013

One Bold Prediction

Dax Dasilva, Founder & CEO of Lightspeed, talks with Merchant Warehouse on his "One Bold Prediction" for the payments industry.

Video Transcription

What is your one bold prediction for the future?

Dax Dasilva, Founder & CEO, Lightspeed

I think in the near-term future we're going to see POS bridge more tightly with online. I think that what we're seeing with our most innovative customers, the way that they're using Lightspeed and Lightspeed Web Store, is they're using each one of those things to drive traffic at the other.

For example, we have one customer, since they've brought up Web Store, they've gotten four times the amount of revenue on their e-commerce; but the e-commerce works actively to drive people into the store. The stores sort of become a destination, when people are in New York. But, when they're outside of New York, that relationship continues with the online; but it makes them want to go back into the store too. No matter where the customer is, the secret of Omni-Channel retailing is to make sure that they have that same special treatment no matter where they are. I think it's up to us to make sure that, that bridges well, and that we enable retailers to create that experience.