PCI SSC to Review Security Technologies for PCI Compliance

During its review of the current PCI compliance regulations, the PCI Security Standards Council will begin considering new card data security technologies that help merchants protect sensitive cardholder information. Although no revisions to PCI DSS are expected in 2010, Mark Lobel, principal at PricewaterhouseCoopers, suggests there will be a strong push for end-to-end data encryption, tokenization, magnetic-stripe imaging and virtual terminals (payment gateways).

Fortunately, Merchant Warehouse combines all of these features in its MerchantWARE® SECR (Secure Encrypted Card Reader) solution to help its merchants achieve PCI compliance and better protect consumer card data. If MerchantWARE SECR’s features are deemed adequate for securing payment data, wouldn’t it be worth it for every business to use this solution in their store?