Portal Extends Business Value to Partners

Patrick Turiano |

December 12, 2011

We’ve launched a new online tool for our partners, allowing them to streamline their processes and keep tabs on their portfolios.

Designed as a comprehensive resource, the Merchant Warehouse partner portal is a password-protected portal designed to help those businesses we’re partnering with manage a multitude of items, including the ability to easily track their leads, review their residual statements and access an in-depth library of technical documentation.

We value our business partners and wanted a tool that provides them 24/7/365 access to the information they request to more effectively manage their day-to-day business, as well as enhance the partner experience with Merchant Warehouse.

The portal has been available to our partners since the beginning of December, and those using it have already seen the benefits.

In addition to tracking leads and reviewing statements, the portal also provides resources and tips on how to grow a business, through marketing and support materials, and offers insight into industry regulations in the form of PCI education resources, training materials and technical documentation.

This isn’t our first foray into the world of online resources to help businesses grow and prosper. Well over a year ago we created and launched Merchant Warehouse University providing agents all the educational resources they could want to help them in their efforts to create viable businesses.

We’re sure the partner portal will also be a boon as it helps partners generate merchant referrals and approvals, provide VAR referrals, participate in co-op initiatives and submit testimonials.

We look forward to expanding the resources available on this portal and extending our help to our partner community.