POS Developer Partner Program

The Merchant Warehouse partner program provides POS developers with free, innovative and PCI-DSS certified payment solutions, a comprehensive online partner resource portal, dedicated support and a transparent residual share. 

Partnership Program:

Merchant Warehouse's Partner Program is the only lifetime residual revenue program that is 100 percent transparent. Unlike industry competitors who claim to offer parallel split programs, we base revenue split on gross profit after all credit and debit processing related expenses. Our Partner Program can deliver up to a 50 percent increase in revenue over competitive residual programs. And, with Merchant Warehouse, partner splits don’t just include the percentage rate, but also fees generated from monthly, transaction, and batch fees, among others.

Dedicated Support:

Merchant Warehouse provides 24/7, in-house customer service and technology support for POS developers and your merchants. Our award-winning customer experience team is here to assist you through the initial integration and throughout the life of the partnership. 

Partner Portal:

Our online Merchant Warehouse partner portal is a tool designed to help POS developers get the maximum value from this partnership. Through the partner portal, you can review your residual statements and manage revenue, access technical documentation and MerchantWARE information, and access marketing collaterals and sales tools.

Marketing Support:

Through the MerchantWARE partner portal, you can access myriad marketing tools including flyers, emails and landing pages. And, there are numerous styles to choose from to support your business growth. 

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