Point of Sale Developers

Payment processing is a natural complement to point-of-sale (POS) systems. When developers integrate one of Merchant Warehouse’s secure payment processing solutions with their POS system, they create a complete and secure POS system for their merchants while enhancing overall value proposition.

Our solutions feature advanced security options like end-to-end encryption and tokenization and are supported by our award-winning, in-house customer service and technical support teams. And, Merchant Warehouse offers a lifetime, 100 percent transparent residual program unlike any other in the industry. 

Merchant Warehouse processing solutions:

  • Provide simple and flexible integration methods
  • Secure data via tokenization and end-to-end encryption
  • Extend or seamlessly integrate value adds such as gift card, loyalty, and mobile
  • Deliver incremental revenues through a lifetime residual profit program
  • Save partners time and money with PA-DSS-validated or out-of-scope offerings

Merchant Warehouse is also a company that prides itself on being a leading innovator in the payment solutions and credit card processing industry. With an onslaught of new payment types and value-add solutions entering the marketplace, POS developers are continually faced with the evaluation of each and the determination of which will add value to their product line and deliver incremental value for their customers. Enter Genius™, the industry’s first Customer Engagement Platform™ that aggregates and integrates any payment type or value-add solution in a unified and secure environment. 

Genius provides:

  • Unlimited Choice: Merchants have complete flexibility of which payment types and value-add programs they want to offer to their customers, easily accessible for download directly from the Genius Solutions Center. 
  • Unified Security: Genius architecture removes the POS system from PA-DSS scope, significantly reducing developer headaches and costs associated with PCI compliance. 
  • Open Access: Integrate with Genius once and receive seamless updates and upgrades automatically with no business interruptions or additional costs. 
  • Business Growth: Leverage the Genius solution to win new business and expand existing relationships. Save time with a single integration.

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