Point of Sale Integration

Integrating with MerchantWARE® Payment Suite is simple. Our web services API is a platform-independent card authorization and settlement solution designed for secure, high-speed payment processing and seamless operations management. The MerchantWARE API is a dependable gateway that allows us to work with any operating system and it uses both tokenization and SSL connections to ensure that your customers’ data is secure. It’s an simple and expedited path to PA-DSS certification. 

MerchantWARE is free to integrate and provides enhanced gateway tools, fast transaction times, real-time reporting tools, and support from our in-house engineers. 

Benefits of integrating with MerchantWARE include:

  • No gateway fees, transaction fees or support contracts
  • Security of customer’s data through tokenization 
  • No need for on-site data storage
  • Compatible with secure, encrypted hardware
  • Support of multiple processors
  • No reconfiguring of systems required to change processors
  • Minimize the stresses associated with PCI compliance


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