POS Tablet Development and Legacy Systems

Merchant Warehouse |

March 14, 2013

POS Tablet Development and Legacy Systems

Merchant Warehouse's Vice President of Partner Channel and National Accounts, Jim Fink, talks about the move towards tablet development in the Point of Sale industry, and what it means for legacy systems.

Video Transcript

There's a growing trend around tablet development for POS. What is your view on these new solutions? And, do you think that the legacy systems will ever be replaced by tablet solutions?

 Jim Fink, Vice President, Partner Channel and National Accounts

Tablet solutions is an emerging technology within our space and is quickly gaining adoption within the industry. In my opinion, the next three to five years, tablet POS developers will own the SME marketplace.

 I can't say that it's going to displace legacy systems. But when you start seeing enterprise organizations that have built their business model on legacy technology and these companies today are investing in or acquiring tablet based POS developers, I certainly think the technology is here to stay.