Product Architect

Job Title:  Product Architect
Department: Engineering Europe
Direct Manager: SVP, Engineering Europe
Manages Others (If Yes, # of employees): No

Position Overview:

The Product Architect is responsible for defining product requirements that address defined market opportunities and meet the demands of the Product Owner. The position involves close interaction with the Product Owner, Software Architects, Engineering Teams and other key stakeholders to ensure Merchant Warehouse product development resources are delivering products at quality and velocity. A strong technical background is required, together with a clear focus on business goals and product objectives.

This role plays a significant part in aligning the product vision and engineering efforts with the strategic direction of the company, fostering awareness and appropriate application of this vision at all levels of the organization and ensuring successful rollout of products to the market.

Position Responsibilities:

  • Gather requirements and present them to Engineering in a clear, unambiguous manner
  • Prioritize and package requirements into executable projects based on various factors (product value, time to market, technical dependencies, operational constraints, regulatory compliance etc.)
  • Assist in focusing Engineering efforts across the organization with a sound and pragmatic approach towards quality product releases at velocity
  • Ensure delivered work meets technical, functional, performance and business requirements
  • Maintain a status dashboard for all ongoing product work
  • Engage with the Product Owner as part of launch planning and execution for releases
  • Engage with Technical Ops and Engineering as part of release management
  • Provide issue resolution and product solution engineering working along Engineering teams and Software Architects
  • Maintain up-to-date product documentation covering requirements, features, roadmap etc., and ensure Engineering documentation covering design, implementation, testing etc. are up-to-date
  • Collaborate with Product Owners to ensure product offerings are highly competitive in the face of dynamic market trends and competitor organizations and their products
  • Communicate strategies in terms that are meaningful to the engineering group

Required Skills:

  • BSc or MSc or equivalent in Computer Science or related field
  • Experience in application development and enterprise engineering
  • Experience as a Product Manager or Product Architect
  • Experience with technical solutions across N-Tier systems
  • Ability to define roadmaps to execute on project initiatives
  • Ability to consider multiple factors in decision making at strategic and tactical levels
  • Familiar with diverse, complex problems and adept at devising reasonable solutions or alternatives
  • Proven experience translating Business Requirements into solutions



  • Tolerant of high degrees of ambiguity, and good at resolving uncertainty and setting direction.  Willing to backtrack, seek multiple solutions and experiment to validate approaches
  • Creative, Investigative, Innovative, Insightful and able to make technical leaps, finding novel solutions
  • Effective and comfortable working with high-level management
  • Effective and comfortable working with Engineering teams and Software Architects as part of an end-to-end team
  • Strong written and oral communication skills including proven success in working with stakeholders with a wide range of technical knowledge
  • Comfortable working in an environment that is growing rapidly and constantly addressing the inherent challenges

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