QSR Magazine Highlights Merchant Warehouse’s Revolutionary MerchantWARE Payment Processing Solution

Brian Waldman

May 17, 2008

At the National Restaurant Association's (NRA) Restaurant & Hotel-Motel Show on May 17th, 2008, QSR Magazine columnist, Deborah L. Cohen, reports on Merchant Warehouse's revolutionary payment processing solution that ensures total transaction data security and prevents theft vulnerabilities.

The report, "From the Floor: Merchant Warehouse Ensures Safer Credit Card Encryption," highlights Merchant Warehouse's MerchantWARE® solution, which locks down transaction data at the point-of-capture (i.e. the card reader's read-head) and protects the information throughout system networks, where it would otherwise be susceptible to intrusions.

MerchantWARE's safeguard features go above and beyond PCI data security standards, and Merchant Warehouse president and Co-CEO, Henry Helgeson, explains how: "What PCI mandates is that merchants secure their networks and encrypt any data transmitted through public networks. The problem is that there's no surefire way to fully secure the private networks, so there's always a risk of being hacked. Using MerchantWARE, unencrypted data is never stored or transmitted, so all valuable [credit card] information is completely inaccessible."

Merchant Warehouse's ground-breaking MerchantWARE solution was the buzz of 2008's NRA Show, and will surely resonate throughout the nation since it is expected to transform the payment processing industry and change the way businesses manage and secure credit card data.

To learn more about Merchant Warehouse's MerchantWARE payment processing solution, please click here.