QSR Magazine Quotes President of Merchant Warehouse

Brian Waldman

January 1, 2008

In the January 2008 (c.29, 425) edition of QSR Magazine, Merchant Warehouse President, Henry Helgeson, comments on the evolution of point-of-sale (POS) systems as a result of the expansion of consumer payment methods and the operational needs of QSR businesses in today's fast-paced world.

The article, titled "More Than a Cash Register," highlights the progress, functionality, and future of quick-serve POS systems, and also speaks to the growth and beneficial implementation of contactless payment technology within quick-service environments.

"Contemporary POS systems have evolved into complete business management solutions that help improve operations and service, enhance efficiency and convenience, and create a more enjoyable customer experience," stated Helgeson.

Nevertheless, as new consumer payment methods develop and quick-serve business structures change, POS systems must continue to adjust and advance accordingly. In fact, the solutions of today have already upgraded in capabilities and modified in price to meet the needs of various business types. As each new generation of POS systems declines in price and offers more features and intuitive usability, merchants who formerly did not have the funds to own or the skill-set to operate such systems are now embracing these comprehensive tools.

The newest device, referred as "contactless payment technology," also offers significant advantages, especially for quick-serve merchants, yet very few have implemented the systems thus far. "Slow adoption of contactless equipment may be partly due to a shortage in the number of contactless cards being issued, which in turn, causes a lack of consumer knowledge and use. I'm confident that it will gain popularity in the future, as awareness of and accessibility to the technology expands," suggests Helgeson.

With so many affordable, sophisticated solutions now available to QSRs, many anticipate that electronic card processing and POS System integrations will soon wholly administer the quick-serve market.