Reseller Program - Value Added Resources

Merchant Warehouse offers a complete suite of value added services and tools to complement your existing portfolio and deepen your relationships and value with your merchants. 

Gift & Loyalty:

MerchantWARE® gift and loyalty solutions provide you with an out of the box solution for your customers. Offer unlimited gift card processing with no monthly transaction fees.  And, your merchant can select from pre-designed cards or design a custom card. Leverage gift and loyalty to drive additional sales and increase loyalty, between both your merchant and you, as well as the merchants and their customers. 

Virtual Terminals:

Merchant Warehouse offers the capability for merchants to process debit, credit and EBT cards through a secure Internet connection, with built in tokenization and PCI validation. MerchantWARE’s virtual terminal provides access to a wide array of reporting features and support of batch processing and multiple user login access. 

Payment Gateway Services:

Your customers now can now enjoy the benefits, scalability and security of Genius and other Merchant Warehouse solutions regardless of their processing relationship. With Merchant Warehouse’s Payment Gateway Services, merchants receive the ability to retain their existing processor or banking relationship, access to Genius and other omni-chanell payment solutions, our award-winning customer service and technical support, and much more.

MerchantWARE Mobile™:

Many businesses today have a pressing need to accept payments anywhere and at any time. Through MerchantWARE Mobile, you have the ability to offer your merchants a convenient mobile processing application that delivers secure credit card processing for all mobile platforms. All card data is securely transmitted and stored at the payment gateway. 

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