Service Always Matters - Even During the Sale

Michael Gavin |

February 14, 2013

Customer Service

The competitive landscape in payment processing and merchant services continues to grow with new entries, new payment technologies and increased pressure to deliver comprehensive, affordable solutions to merchant customers. In response to new expectations and demands, it’s critical that we remain continue to focus investments in our people and the training they receive as well as our approach in our conversations and initial engagement.

Especially for new merchants, the first conversation around payment acceptance, credit and debit card processing and merchant services can be daunting, with lots of unfamiliar terms and questions. And typically time is of the essence as many new merchants are searching for an immediate need to accept credit cards, whether through a mobile card reader, online, or traditional device.

As we onboard new sales professionals, we focus on the conversation, emphasizing listening and information review to ensure that all of our customers, whether a new merchant or an experienced one, receive the best service possible from the very beginning. We work to make it easy, efficient and, most importantly, a quality experience for the merchant customer. It’s this effort and attention to detail that drive unsolicited feedback about our team members and their approach, such as the following:

“I had the pleasure of speaking with both Miles and Jon yesterday. Miles was very kind and his welcoming attitude was refreshing. He connected me with Jon regarding setting up an [merchant] account with Merchant Warehouse. Both men made me feel as though they were genuinely interested in my business' needs. At no point did I feel pressured to sign on the dotted line. I had intended to only do some information gathering because I had been referred to a few other companies as well. My impression was that I was going to have to do a lot of research and connect with multiple companies to get what I needed. Well, Jon was so knowledgeable and personable that I thought, ‘If these people are so nice, why go anywhere else?’ I felt comfortable right away. So I want to congratulate you on your team there at Merchant Warehouse, especially Jon. He made what I had anticipated to be a long, complicated process into a walk in the park. Thank you!”

After 12 plus years and hundreds of thousands of new accounts set-up for merchants nationwide, it’s always gratifying when I receive unsolicited positive feedback about our team and their interactions. Even in sales, great service delivered by great people always matters and it does make a difference.