Software Engineer

Job Title:  Software Engineer
Department: Engineering, Belfast 
Direct Manager: SVP Engineering
Manages Others (If Yes, # of employees): No

Position Overview:

The Software Engineer is responsible for the design and development of Merchant Warehouse software components that reside within our Service Federation.  The Software Engineer  will develop primarily on C++, Java, Objective-C, HTML, and JavaScript  The Software Engineer is responsible for utilizing a variety of transport and wire protocols to integrate capabilities to our payment partners systems.

Position Description:

  • Design and develop mobile and embedded services
  • Use and apply C++, Java, HTML, JavaScript, CSS along with performing and using object oriented design and languages
  • Accomplish performance optimization in a product environment and refactoring
  • Complete technical tasks related to feature development and bug fixes
  • Perform enterprise server development in a distributed computing environment, including database design and development
  • Use transport and application protocols to integrate capabilities within the underlying technical environment and across payment partner systems
  • Facilitate mobile client programming using HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and XML/XSLT
  • Demonstrate functional comprehension of software design principles, including coupling/cohesion, decomposition/modularity, encapsulation/information hiding, and separation of interface and implementation
  • Review information and processes to identify discord between client requirements and current output, entailing ascertainment of client needs, problems, and expectations from a technical perspective
  • Establish and execute sound, technical courses of action to accommodate client needs and expectations and overcome problems
  • Apply technical background to identify information required and proceed to collect the same toward understanding issues and problems
  • Efficiently generate ideas and high-quality technical solutions, including detailed analysis of idea impact assessment and ultimate selection of the most appropriate solution
  • Contribute to the development of useful, technically accurate deliverables generated in a timely manner.
  • Assist the QA team with troubleshooting and repairing defects 
  • Assist with software deployment activities to our production data center
  • Make process and procedural suggestions and remove obstacles
  • Simplify and improve existing technical methodologies
  • Spot issues meritorious of escalation and communicate to management in clear, concise fashion
  • Adhere to and apply overarching internal practices and policies with respect to coding standards, unit testing, scrum, and status reports

Position Requirements:

  • BSc or MSc in Computer Science or related field
  • Experience in server product development 
  • Working experience in C++ or Java
  • Experience of at least one of HTML, JavaScript  and/or XML/XSLT
  • Experience with Design Patterns, Refactoring, OO Design and related areas
  • Passion for and self-motivated interest in Software Development as a profession, not just a job
  • Strong analytical, problem-solving, and organizational skills 
  • Must be proactive, self-motivated, attentive to detail, and able to work well under pressure 
  • Strong communication skills
  • Willingness to work as part of a team 

About Merchant Warehouse:

Merchant Warehouse is a recognized leader in payment acceptance solutions and merchant services.  The company enables merchants, agents, POS developers and VARs to achieve strategic business advantage through the delivery of current and emerging payment, offer and program solutions and merchant services that dramatically enhance the merchant-customer experience. Merchant Warehouse is one of the fastest growing and innovative payment solutions companies in North America. For more information about Merchant Warehouse, please visit

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